Private Cloud Computing: Consolidation, Virtualization, and Service-Oriented Infrastructure

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To fulfill your different cloud requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of Infrastructure as a Service IaaS solutions, spanning compute services, storage as a service and data and application management. IaaS Trusted Public S5 provides a pool of scalable, robust, secure and standardizable, virtual IT resources, available on demand over the Internet on a cost-effective pay-per-use basis.

Service Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Designed from the ground up with business users in mind it delivers reliability, availability and security accredited to ISO while providing un-contended access to system resources with round the clock support that comes as standard. Iaas Trusted Public S5 is delivered via our global network of data centers — in Japan, Australia, United States of America, Singapore, United Kingdom and Germany so you can take advantage of the same service on identical platforms wherever you operate around the world - with complete peace of mind.

IaaS Trusted Public S5 Dedicated allows you the benefits of Fujitsu Cloud operations and security monitoring but with the ability to use server, storage, and network environments reserved for your use, and these could be either virtual or physical resources. This makes IaaS Trusted Public S5 an ideal environment for delivering your enterprise production systems while still leveraging the economics of the public cloud computing model.

IaaS Trusted Public S5 Dedicated widens the use cases for our public cloud — particularly for government and public sector bodies and financial services institutions that previously may have needed to deploy IaaS Private Hosted or private cloud for some of their workloads.

Private Cloud

Also we know that in many cases you need to comply with geographically-specific regulations governing where data is stored and processed. IaaS Private Hosted delivers standardized, shared and reserved, on-demand virtual or physical compute and data storage services tailored to the specific needs of the local territory and addresses the issues of the levels of separation and control you need. This makes it an ideal solution for running your enterprise class production systems on, so enabling applications such as Oracle and SAP to be delivered on a pay as you go cloud IaaS basis.

Our private cloud solutions help you create a cloud computing environment that meets your exact needs, delivered from dedicated resources which can include a mix of virtual or physical servers. This ensures you gain all the benefits of cloud computing — including self-service and flexibility of resource usage — while knowing your environment is secure and under your control.

A private cloud solution can be deployed on-premise within your own data center or as a hosted service in a Fujitsu data center. With FUJITSU integrated private cloud infrastructures, Fujitsu has developed pre-configured and pre-tested IT infrastructure solutions with everything you need to deploy and run powerful consolidation, virtualization and IaaS cloud platforms.

What is a Private Cloud? | VMware Glossary

IT organizations benefit from increased operational efficiency, shorter time to production and reduced infrastructure-related efforts and costs by up to 50 percent. Fujitsu works with other cloud providers to ensure you achieve the optimal mix of private, public, on-premise and hosted cloud solutions.

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This multi-platform approach is supported by a key service offering — Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Services — which links Microsoft Windows Azure-based components to Windows Server-based components, running either at your premises or on a Fujitsu Cloud IaaS solution. Fujitsu and VMWare have had a long standing partnership which has seen significant growth in the last two years. We are their 2 Service Provider worldwide.

Moreover, VMware recognize Fujitsu as being the partner with the broadest offerings alignment to the VMware portfolio.

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Fujitsu and VMware are collaborating on a range of major joint solutions, cloud services and converged systems, enabling businesses to thrive by helping them to innovate faster, reduce costs, and increase business agility by ensuring a broad choice of implementation options.

Watch a Fujitsu keynote video explaining our partnership with VMware.

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Backup as a Service BaaS is a highly flexible, fast and efficient cloud-based backup and recovery service that can be used to secure cloud and traditional systems. IaaS implies that instead of outrightly purchasing hardware, users can purchase service levels that allow them to monitor, manage, and access remote data center infrastructures that are virtualized.

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However, in the case where an organizational strategy alignment requires it to implement IaaS, probably to act as a vendor of such, a variety of items are paramount. Similarly, strong and advanced computers and servers are required to ensure service availability. Thirdly, sophisticated firewalls and algorithms must also be considered to ensure the security of the system, among others.

The manner in which SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS reduce the Total Cost of Ownership TCO can be explained by comparing the costs incurred in the process of owning a premise-based software, platform or infrastructure, and the cloud-based ones Kavis, Normally, running a premise-based software requires a high cost of licensing when compared to the subscription fee required when implementing SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS.

Because most SaaS, PaaS or IaaS subscriptions are made on a monthly or annual basis, vendors charge less for yearly subscriptions Kavis, Additionally, Premise-based software, infrastructures and platforms require a high budgeting for installation and maintenance. Software as services implies that the organization does not need to install software applications in their computer systems to run them.

A Study of Security Level in Cloud Computing

These applications can be accessed and controlled via a virtual framework hosted in the cloud Vacca, Consequently, for any firm to succeed in its endeavors of implementing software as a service, several considerations must be in place concerning the organizational strategy. First, the firm must consider the suppliers Service Level Agreement. This enables the firm to create good alignment between the firm and the service provider. Secondly, the firm should also check and ascertain that it has enough trained workforce to facilitate the implementation and successful integration of Saas into its daily routines Vacca, The latter is because having some skill gaps on the use of Saas among the employees hinders the firm from effectively ripping the benefits of Saas.

Thirdly, security is paramount in these modern times when any cloud-related operation is exposed to a myriad of threats and vulnerabilities Vacca, Therefore, the firm must check, if the service provider adopts and meets critical compliance and security requirements, as well offering a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Finally, just like all other technological innovations, security is paramount.

Consequently, implementing of IaaS calls for several critical security issues that must be adequately covered. Similarly, there is the critical need to secure networks in IaaS due to the increasing communication within the system.